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RE:Bonito Bunnie Fly

Ahh, my mistake. Sorry, the image decieved me. Maybe it's because the rabbit tail is laying against a flat surface, but I really did think that was deer tail.

I had a chance to use the bunny down in Florida, but as usual in a somewhat funky manner. I took a bottom fishing charter one day (cheap and offshore seemed to be the only action in town). While fishing for grouper, I decided to tie on a bunny stinger. Worked great on snapper and grunts (don't know the textbook name for those), so while everyone around me was burning through the cut bait and only pulling up a few grouper, I was hauling up fish after fish "on the fly."

My deep regrets to the purist fly fishermen out there. It was a one time incident and I promise to never do it again <fingers crossed>.
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