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Bonito Bunnie Fly

[img]" border="0">

This fly is not complete as I didn't have eyes small enough. I will add them at a later date and finish the head with epoxy.

The Bonito Bunny Fly is a relatively "modern" classic, having been developed in the last 10 years by Vineyard angler and guide, Jamie Boyle.

I got the pattern from Page Rogers RT archieve. Courtesy of the Weirmeister. <img src="[/img]

Materials List

Hook: TMC 800S;
Daiichi 2546; Mustad
77660SS; Partridge
CS52; Eagle Claw 254SS
- Sizes 6-1/0
Thread: Danville’s
Flat Waxed Nylon -
Tail: Mono loop of
20 lb Mason Hard Nylon
Strip of rabbit - white
Polarflash Color #2001
Body:Cross-cut rabbit
- white
Eye: Witchcraft 2mm -
silver, covered with light
coat of five minute
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