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RE:Juro's Juvie

I initially tied this as a coho salmon fly using a tube body and either a tandem hooked leader (unfixed) or as a single fixed hook and surge tube holder to hold the hook back far enough for the sideswipers that ocean coho are.

I have watched coho strike in the clear ocean water and noticed that they often swim along below or behind the fly and rush ahead in a burst to hit it with a vengeance from the side to whiplash the bait. This same fish exhibits a much subdues behavior once entering fresh water, sometimes requiring the use of ultralong leaders and tiny nymphs to hook with any regularity (Beginner's Hole in the Kalama, for instance). In the saltchuck they strafe bait just like stripers and blues, sending herring flying from the water. The silver flashes and glittering scales from the massacred baitfish is a sight to see in the aquamarine depths of the pacific northwest sea.

Anyway, as far as that pattern I do have examples tied too large for any flybox, and they can be cast quite easily with the two-handed rod. One in particular had so much feather material that Jay Horton dubbed it the "chicken fly" at the Outer Limits Clave last November.

I do like the idea that if a blue is hooked on a tube, the exposed leader would further from the teeth. Might have to test that theory next season.
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