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Juro's Juvie

Juro's Juvie (3-6")

Hook: TMC 811s 3/0 or 4/0
Thread: white monochord or other strong light colored thread
Tail: 6 matched white hackles, laid with curve inward each side of hook at bend
Wing(shoulder) and back: bucktail or synthetic fishhair (white) under polar flash (pearl) under Rainbow Angel Hair
Throat (abdomen): Bucktail or synthetic white fish hair under MARABOU tuft
Head: Angel hair is tied to eye, then laid along back. Two stick-on eyes are affixed, then the forward section is coated with Softex. The softex holds down the back hair, the eyes, and starts the throat.

There is no out of proportion eye painted on the thread ball like the true deceiver, and the body profile can be made to closely approximate bunker profiles by thickening the buildup on the top and bottom in front of the tail hackles.

My secret is that the marabou (a) fattens the belly section like a real baitfish and (b) creates a foil to make the hackles swim like a tadpole. This makes a b-i-g difference.
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