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I just got back from the kihea area. It wasnt a fishing trip but I did get out for a few days and checked the area out. The shallow water at kihea seems to get real dirty, the trade winds blow up weeds on the beach every morning, I was lodging right on that beach and noticed it every morn. Going south to the park was great and picked up a bunch of fish, dont know my salt water fish species yet so what they where I dont know. But I didnt see any bones, probably there but there is no flats to speak of, water is deeper real quick for the most part, and lots of volcanic rock everywhere down there, I threw clousers blind and just stripped and had all sorts of stuff hit it. Going up the coast way past Lahina{sp} had some fairly shallow bays, again with a lot of sharp rocks but know sight type fishing that I could find. Dont make to much of it mentally and just enjoy being out there and you will catch fish.
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