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couple of flies....


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Here are a couple of flies that I tied up yesterday, unfortunatley the poppers wouldn't fit in the scanner and they were the best in the lot.

The sand eel pattern:
<b>hook</b>- long-shanked SW hook (this is a Mustad 34011 sz. 1)
<b>thread</b>- Danville Flymaster A - olive (any color really)
<b>bucktail</b>- white, and contrasting color of your choice, I used olive
<b>flash</b>- SW Flashabou - it is stiffer than regular stuff, colors vary in my pack
<b>sharpie permenant marker</b>- similar color to dark bucktail for coloring back of body
<b>prismatic eye, sz small</b>- provides nice eye to give more realism, but you could paint it on or leave it off entirely
<b>lead wire or lead substitute</b>- slightly less than hook shank length
<b>ez shape sparkle body</b>(or substitute <img src="[/img]) - color white sparkle

-Wrap thread onto hook and wrap to bend
-place lead wire on underside of hook and wrap towards eye, covering lead with thread
-tie in small clump of white bucktail, diameter about that of large coffee stirrer
-tie in overwing of contrasting bucktail - about half the diameter of white bucktail
-SW flashabou - one piece on each side, length to end of the tail
-wrap everything down, but you can space out the thread and it will allow the flashabou to shine through
-coat the body with the EZ sparkle paint, you can build it up a little on top and bottom to give it a broader profile, remember that this stuff shrinks approximately 25%. Don't coat it too thick on the sides.
-place an eye on each side
-after it dries for about 1 hour then color the back with the sharpie

<b>Total tying time is about 5 minutes - so you can crank out a lot of these!!!</b>

The other fly is a variation of the Whitlock fly featured in the January Fly Fisherman Magazine. It is tied on a bent 3/0 hook. For pattern recipe you can check the magazine, or if I have more time I'lll post it - gotta get to work

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