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RE:Deep Sandeel

Tied a 1/2 to 3/4 size version of this at Terrys Spring Clave and had great success on early fish with it.

The eye is the recessed realeye brand which keeps stickers from falling off or out without coating. To tie smaller requires reduction in eye size to keep the ratio of materials to weight similar to the full size version. Most clousers are tied with a lot of hi density wgt at the head and very little material. This makes it horrible to cast. When you increase the material in length it tends to slow down the flight of the fly and thus allows for far better loop generation.

This design is far less of a jig than the classic clouser. In fact the ability to drop to the bottom is far less than the sparse lead eyed cousin. It is enough to fish deeper with an intermediate line, but if you want to achieve serious depth go to a sinking line. The eyes provide visual, inverted hook, and head down sinking action like the clouser but at a slower speed and lesser degree.
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