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Real eel - alias Deep Sandeel

Hook: Tiemco 811s 1/0 thru 3/0 (typically 2.0 for me)
Eyes: Real eyes (the kind that come with eye stickers that affix into recesses)
Thread: White Danville Monochord or monofilament thread, or some other durable moderately thick thread.

Tail: 2-4" of tapered synthetic hair, (tapered) bucktail (if straight and fine) or semi-clear / silver polar flash (tapered). See note 1.

Underbody: sparse layer of semi-clear synthetic SW hair over which there is a sparse 'throat' of bucktail, fine and ideally curved slightly inward toward the center of the fly.

Wing: layered semi-clear (whitish) synthetic (sparse and long); over which are highlights of chartreuse; over which there is a highlight of either bronze synthetic hair for shallow warm flats or emerald green for offshore/rip sand eels.

Topping: Rainbow Angel Hair - I consider this my "secret" topping for many patterns I tie for SWFF, although there are times when even a little flash is not desirable and I use pastel colors for the same pattern.

To Fish:
Similar to fishing clousers expect the ratio of hook/eyes to materials is still very much in favor of materials and thus it tends to lack the slingshot effect.

Bob Bianci, a freind I met at Chip Gouger's flyshop down the cape years ago, handed me two of his flies of similar design. He said "take these... one to fish, one to copy".
Well since I've fished one with great success and the other has never been wet. I adapted my version of this pattern based on his originals.

Favorite retrieve is to allow it to sink deep on top of a sand flat and watching it getting inhaled by a cruising striper.
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