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RE:hey Skookum.. About your past Montana report?

Yup, got some flies and info there. In fact, I called one of the guys there before we even went, and he gave me all kinds of good information on where and how to fish. I still think it's a crazy river with all those miles of knee deep riffle. I kept thinking, where are the holes and runs? Did pretty well though in the back channels across from the camping area at "Garden Valley(?)" or something like that. At least back in there I found water I could relate to. Not much surface action, though--had to fish steelhead style with big black wooly buggers, but got some nice fish. Anyway, if it was you that talked to the steelhead fisherman from Seattle, thanks a ton. I think the guy I talked to said he came out last winter and fished the Sauk or something. Anyway, great town, great shop. Also, I was the guy that came back on the way out of town and bought your total stock of Whiting Farms wooly bugger hackle.


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