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Not all steelhead are agressive thats for sure, but I do believe certain colors trigger agression. Black is highly visible we know in any color of water especially off colored water, infact when your under the water and looking up as fish do under a light sky most colors come through as basic black, so that orange G.P your fishing may not look orange at all to the fish, they see a dark sillouete floating by. You can test this theory yourself if you wish. When we present the fly at thier level with correct light level is when color is seen by the fish. since I seldom dredge the bottom for steelhead anymore color is of less importants and sillouette becomes the key for me. I enjoy accsents of color in my flies but I realise its more for me then the fish. Of course this is one mans theory without any scientific proof in fact who really knows how or if they see color at all?

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