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to much a rookie...

to really form an opinion, especially if you look at my catch total... but my impression over the 20 something years of fishing that a combination of sillouette (sp?), color, and motion/movement in the fly or initiated by the fisherman, were what triggered the take, whether it be trout, bluegill, bass or redfish. obviously some fish are more finnicky and selective than others, usually related to the number of times it's been stuck by steel...:eyecrazy: but something of all three were really needed to get that strike. i don't think any one is more important than the other, and what i hear form folks regarding their success, and failures, in patterns, colors, etc. that seems to fit. then there's that whole aspect of whether or not the fish is a "biter" and aggressive to the take that we can't even control, regardless of color and sillouette and movement....
for me, i just have to damn much fun tying new stuff with new materials... sometimes i don't even tie the same pattern twice!!!
my 2 cents.....
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