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Kaufmann's signal light spey interpretation

Have gotten into the duplication of traditional hairwing patterns, like Kaufmann's deschutes ties, as well as others, in spey style. hey, no reason to re-invent the wheel on color combinations for tried and true, huh??? hoping as i get more experience on the river and actually hooking something, i can start developing my own effective color combo's...

Anyways, this is Kaufmann's Signal Light spey interp. is the last of the three pictured in the "don't laugh" posting (can anyone show me how to link to previous posts???). one mod since the picture - addition of purple died GP tippet fibers to the GP crest tail.... other than that, as pictured, tho hopefully better tied...

Hook - Alec Jackson Spey or Partridge Bartleet (sorry, just partial to the bend and sweep in the bartleets! ), size as desired, color to...
Thread - Purple Uni-Thread 8/0
Tag - Silver medium tinsel (I know, the pic has gold, but silver is truer to the original... )
Butt - 1/2 red, 1/2 light green floss, 1 strand each, tied over silver tinsel to make it glow.
Tail - GP crest veiled by purple died GP tippet fibers (addition not in picture).
Rib - Silver oval tinsel (5-6 wraps starting at back of butt...), counter wrapped by small silver wire to lock in hackle.
Body - Purple died seal or angora goat, lightly picked out.
Hackle - Purple died BEP hackle, medium to large depending upon hook size. Palmered lenght of body, with 2 wraps at collar.
Collar/Throat - Purple died guinea is true to pattern, but I used a hot pink guinea to add some color and contrast to an othewise dark fly.
Wing - 1 pair each of black and purple hackle tips, each color tied opposite its pair (doesn't matter which pair is inside or out, tho black outside is more like the original tie). Tied either "Feiger Style" proud (with hackle in the round, and collar tie) or Glasso style with hackle folded over lower 1/2, throat, and wing tied flat on top of body.
Topping - GP Crest, layed over the wing, tip to the tip of the tail.
Cheek - Jungle cock nail if you desire...

that's it, tieing more, will display other patterns if folks are intereted in seeing....
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