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Next one -

Skykomish Sunrise spey interpretation...

Hook - Alec Jackson Spey or patridge Bartleet, as your preference.
Thread - Orange Uni-thread, 8/0
Tag - Silver medium tinsel
Tail - GP tippet, orange, sparse, should be just beyond the tag.
Rib - Silver oval tinsel, with small silver wire counter wrapped to lock in palmered BEP hackle.
Body - Orange nylon floss, two strands, underwrapped with gold medium tinsel to help floss "glow".
Hackle - hot/bright orange BEP hackle, medium/large depending upon hook size, palmered length of body, with 2 wraps at collar.
Collar/Throat - either yellow died mallard/gadwall/pintail or tellow died guinea body feather, as dense or sparse as desired. like both, guiniea is a little bolder than the waterfowl.
Wing - four white hackle tips, 2 pair from opposite sides of the skin, concave in.
Cheeks - jungle cock nails

Hackle can be tied in the round, with a collar of the died waterfowl or guinea, and wing tied "proud"; or hackle folded down over lower 1/2 in traditional spey style, with a through and wing tied down flat on body (see Green Butt Lum Plum picture referenced in my thread "how about this one...."
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