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Promised Recipes -

As I previously promised - Recipes for the flies I've posted. Again, I GREATLY appreciate everyone's feedback. Someone mentioned that i've "been at it a while." Well, been tying since I was 10, so that's 21 years. Am essentially self taught, with maybe 2 or 3 formal lessons in all that time. Am sure I've learned the hard way, with many wheels "re-invented" over that time. Have been tying steelhead ties for the past 3 years, have been experimenting with spey styles and more traditional ties in just the past 6 months... Enjoying it thoroughly!!!
Well, 'nough BS... The recipes, referenced to the photos from my posting "Don't Laugh" from a few days ago... Enjoy, and if you have success with any of 'em, i'd love to hear about it!!

First fly is the one Ive been calling "yet to be named" or "to be named later". Well, it has a name, just needed review and approval from the originator of the pattern and color combination. Presented the fly pictured here to Amy (Randall) Hazel, of Deschutes Angler fame, and she approved. The fly is none other than a semi- Glasso Spey version of her famous Green Butt Lum PLum. Both John and Amy approved of the tie, and plan on fishing it for themselves. Hope you have as much success as the name sake---

Hook - Alec Jackson spey (nickel in the original Lum Plum series, black) or Patridge Bartleet; hook size your choice (I tie Bartleet 4's - 1/0 for deschutes fish).
Thread - Purple Uni-thread, 8/0
tag - medium silver tinsel, wrapped under floss butt as well (helps the floss "glow")
Butt - light green nylon floss, single strand (my preference for a more subdued "classic" look); experimenting with a fl. green uni-floss as well for something a bit brighter and more like the original.
Tail - GP Crest, veiled by died bright red GP tippet fibers (not to bulky). GP tippet extends just beyond the tag.
Rib - medium oval silver tinsel, with a small silver wire counter wrap to lock in and secure palmered hackle.
Body - Lum Plum berlin wool yarn. currently available exclusively from Deschutes Angler fly shop. neat stuff!
Hackle - Medium to large blue eared pheasant, died dark lilac, palmered length of body, and one or two wraps at the collar. Size of BEP feather dependent upon length of hook.
Collar/Throat - Guinea body feather died purple, dense as desired (i usually get 3-4 wraps on a nice thin stemmed feather)
Wings - 4 hackle tips, 2 pair from opposite sides of the cap, concave in. Tied flat on body in typical Glasso style, or proud, "Feiger Style"...
Cheeks/Eyes - jungle cock nails
Topping - GP Crest tied to line up tips with the tail and veiled over the wing.

Enjoy and happy tying!
Tie One On, and Tie Into One!!!
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