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Thanks for the feedback on the fly, chromer and KenD! Ken, reading your post has me thinking that your lettuce and tomato version would also be great for fresh-run steelies on the Dean. I currently favor a pattern called the Artic White or Bride's Fly that Derek Brown developed for Atlantic salmon on Russia's Ponoi--tied in-the-round, it has a long greenish-yellow tail and orange arctic fox veiled with white artic fox at the head, with a copper wire body. In the water the white fox "disappears" and the overall effect is of a soft or pale orange. I think your "deluxe burger" version of the tube tied with a longish tail of mixed green and yellow bucktail would make a passable "imitation" of the Artic White--there, now you've done it! I have to get to the bench and tie some up for August!
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