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SI Lines

Wow - this is the opposite of my opinion. This may be because SI keeps changing their Striper lines without telling even their dealers. The local reps know, however. For instance they have recently (past 4 months) discontinued my favorite Striper line they called SURF COLOR. It's a WF Sinker 1.5" - 2.00"/ sec. The companion line was a Floater. The new line is also called SURF but it is a 6" / sec line and its companion line is an Inter at 1 1/2" /sec.

I think Rio's are a little heavy for their weight class. O.K for some stiff rods like GLX 12 wt but loads other softer rods too much.

By the way, I have never had a Cortland, Rio or SI line coating crack or soften. I use many Cortland, Rio and Si.
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