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Recipe (applies to all of the bugs I sent)
1- tie in some tails, cheapo saddle hackle
2- tie in some rubber legs, long enough that they will "dangle" behind the fly (sometimes in back, the middle, the front or all of the foregoing)
Overwrap the "tying in" location of the hackle & rubber legs on the hook to set the first bunch of deer hair to be spun
3- Spin deer hair (Go crazy with your colour selection and mixes)
Use the coarsest hair you have. Spin & pack till you have enough to cover the hook and create the shape/profile you want
4- Don't use your best hackle scissors, but shape the body profile
5- If you want to get fancier, use a razor blade to "finish" the profile
6- Eyes are craft store doll eyes, glued on with Cryo glue (crazy glue stuff) I put some glue wher the eyes will go and let it dry, then I put more glue on that spot and one the eye and press them on.
These flies are so easy and inexpensive to make, I don't really worry about the "durability factor". I also re-use the hooks over & over again. These are tied on Gama size 1/0 or 2/0 wide gape. Any similar hook will do.
My experience with Bass Bugging is that they will hit just about anything that looks annoying enough to them and makes a big splash!
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