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thanks for the comments!

Thanks for your comments, and was anticipating them!
Have seen many of your posts, and kinda see you as the "sage" of all things spey and classical flytying... and i'm right there with you about all this "intruder-itis"... just can't bring myself to fish those things!!! no matter how effective they seem to be!

Although i certainly agree with you about wing length, the "hackle in the round" and the height of the wing is by design... experimentation on the deschutes produced some really nice results, like the movement and the "breathing" of the hackles in that configuration... the higher wing, especially in a contrasting color, produces a nice sillouhette (sp) as well. heck, got my first pulls on a spey rod a month and a half ago with this set up in purple and white. so i'm not arguing...

but yes, hear you on the traditional configuration, and tie up those as well... have shewey's book on order to get a little more history and tying information under my belt....
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