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These are nicely done flies, so I echo what others have said about not selling yourself short. The only problem that I see is the wings are a bit too long and a bit too high. A spey wing should end barely beyond the body/tag of the fly and it should pretty much hug the body. Once you shorten up the wing, the G.P. topping will also be shortened and it will then meet the end of the tail, thus framing the wing. Once the wing is lowered (do this by bending the hackle stems with your thumb nail by nicking the stem through pressing your thumb nail agaist the stem and into your ring or middle finger pad) and the wing shortened, your spey flies will be as good as anyone's.

I forgot to add that spey hackle should be nearly all on the body 1/2 of the fly instead of equally distributed around the body. You accomplish this by simply stroking/pushing the hackle fibers down to the bottom of the fly after the spey hackle is wound. This will also help with positioning the wings very close to the body.
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