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I have both the Renzetti master and the traveler.... I can't say anything about the master except It is perfect and can take a lot of inadvertant abuse... I usually bring the traveler down the Cape in the summer months and I have had problems with the hook keeper screw..not the shaft screw... but I then bought the Cam for the traveler and now It's fine...What ticked me off , as flyfishe1 said is I had to make a modification to the traveler... and the Cam set me back $60 dollars... so ultimatly the Traveler really costs you $200 after all is said and done. If I had to buy another vice I would certainly look at the Barracuda..the top end one, which is still basically 1/2 the cost of the master.... Also... I have seen tyers take a top line hook and bend it in half from the jaws and it still stayed in place with out snapping out in your face. Puglisi showed that at a tying seminar.
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