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Juro's Sandbug

<font size="1">three seasons of the sandbug (and a caddis for good measure)</font><!--1--></center>

Summer (caddis pupae / sandshrimp), alias "pink pupa":

Hook: Alec Jackson bronze #3 -or- TMC 200R #2
thread: 6/0 Uni in sedge pupa husk orange
dubbing: sedge pink Scintilla
tail (horns): Cut even segment out of the middle of a wood duck or dyed mallard feather so it looks like a "V" with the stem segment intact. Tie in two strands of crystal flash at the bend. Wax dub loop and dub in a small "head" at the bend. the "V" like horns, claws, or the swimmer legs of the fall sedge.
hackle: light tan / pink / orange dyed hackles palmered on every section


- tie in flash at bend (optional)
- dub small head at bend of hook
- tie in 'horns'
- palmer hackle over segment
- dub large segment next
- tie next "V" shaped horn so it is splayed out by the segment
- palmer over the end of segment, repeat so there are 5 segments total.
- hackle at eye and finish with matching thread.

General seasons:

Highlight each segment with imitation Indian Crow -or- golden pheasant tippets

Turbid winter flows:

Dub, hackle, everything in hot red on a larger hook; marabou tail with golden pheasant tippets tied in at bend.
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