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Sedge Muddler

Pattern: Juro's Steelhead Sedge/Muddler (Smuddler?)

Hook: barbless #1 - #8 (usually #2 or #4 for me) bronze muddler style

Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet
Body: Gold Crinkle Foil Floss
Underwing: mottled marabou
Wing: 3 pairs matched mottled hen feathers
Barbs: Peacock tail barbs
Highlights: pearl-gold crystal flash
Head: Spun Deer hair

To fish:
Last two times I fished this fly were two first light sorte's on the upper Skykomish River (western Washington State). Total elpased fishing time was between 3-4 hours, three fish hooked and two landed.

Dry line (Rio Windcutter Spey) long leader on 7136-4 Sage 13.5' 7wt Spey rod.

Although there were steelhead throughout the run, I found the most aggresive fish to be stationed at the heads of the runs at the base of rapids at first light. They would explode on the riffle hitched sedge pattern like silver torpedoes in the crystal clear flows of this glacial river.

Two years prior I fished through a run on the Cowlitz with Bob Schmelzle. He fished a Spey fly with distinct golden highlight like a real October caddis, and tippet highlights. I had observed the singly barred abdomens of emerging giant October caddis, which looks very similar to the tippets. The flowing spey hackles resemble the swimmer legs on this particular sedge nymph, and the adults have a distinct golden irridescence. His fly suggesteed a sedge, or emerging sedge - and he landed two beautiful steelhead on dry line with relatively few casts taken. One on the first pass, then the second on the first cast fishing through the pool a second time. (Bob - I know you remember that day).

BTW - Bob also landed a beautiful hen downriver from the pool I fished the last time I fished this fly in the upper Skykomish River.
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