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I agree with you 100% but what are we to do? We've already purchased it. Yes, no matter how tightly you turn the screw, the head will still turn slightly, an annoyance, to be sure. I have the standard traveler vise purchased about 5 yrs. ago. I am hesitant to add the cam head saltwater head or larger tightening screws or anything else because, long story short, I feel this vice still can't handle the tying of saltwater fly tiers. I purchased the clouser head add on and felt it wasn't worth the cash. The tail of the clousers still got tangled up in the vice on the left side. Sent it back. The "master" fly tiers seem to love the Renzetti Master vice but since I can't afford it, I still hang on to my traveler rendition and do my best but that doesn't mean I like it. For saltwater fly tying, I think I could have done better with a little more research.
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