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Let's see if I can answere all these:

I attach the 90# shock to the hook with a Homer Rhode loop knot,

The next knot is the blood knot with doubled 16# hard mason,

The next knot is a 21 twist bimini, the bimini loop is about 18" long and I cut it at the end of the loop,

I then hold the loop end next to the bimini knot, and slowly pull it thru my thumb and first finger while twisting the knot, (you still with me?),

Then I tie a surgeon's loop at the end.

The whole leader is 4' long, with a but section of 5', gives me a 9' leader. There is no stretch, (like the other knots) and you can get very close to the IGFA requirements.

Be careful when you tie a bimini, you may over stress the mono!

Cool huh?
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