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Double Blood Knot

All right, here goes....this works!

With the leader still attached to the spool, I use 16# hard mason, pull off about 6' and double about 2'. In the blood knot, wrap the 16# four turns and then three back to the center.

Then wrap 3 turns of the shock and then back to the center. Start the tightening of the knot and slowly pull down untill the knot is about 3" long (not snug yet!)

Get 2 paper towels and fold over and wrap them around your first two fingers to keep from cutting into you fingers. Wrap each leader around your paper towel covered fingers, and with your hands about 1' apart put them on the outside of your together knees and while you quickly seperate your knees, yank the knot closed.

If this sounds crazy and you don't understand, you can call me.

Capt. Mel Simpson
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