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RE:Weekend plans

The south side, albeit also prone to bait being pushed out by a north wind, has a lot of fish passing thru this time of year. The drill over the years has been lots of schoolies with legals mixed in (as opposed to summer when the legals are usually missing). By this I mean Hardings to Herring to Parker's to Criagville, etc. Like everywhere else, hit or miss. I plan to seek fish on this last outing as necessary. I would note the high numbers of fish up inside the darker bottomed fingers of the Bass River during cool seasons - not necessarily small bass either. I hit my first 30+ incher the weekend after the spring clave in one of these little spots, wind was fairly easy to deal with up there.

Rockpile at the light should be do-able despite a strong wind, hooked my biggest fish of the season there on a flood rip... especially the inside corner at the base of the high breakwater.

The refuge is very fishable on a north wind, flat calm by the time one makes the bend toward Stage due to high banks. I love that area, did some damage there this year already. I think I just convinced myself on one locale to target.

There is usually a strong November push of bass on the bayside too but with this wind... the flats would be out but Chapin on the start of the ebb has been incredible for me in early Nov last two years.

Westport is another unique locale we need to incorporate into our late season sorties. I've had good trips and quiet ones in Nov down there... but the breakfast is always stellar at that diner on the east side. Not this year.

BBay, inlets should be sheltered and productive during off hours or with a skiff - too far from the angler's club for me this time.

Well, for me it's a celebrative event and Chatham has been the mecca for me this year. Despite possibly adverse conditions, I want to ring the year out in homage to the area. Sipping scotch and tokin' a stogie with the gang and fishing daybreak somewhere in the area. A Monomoy espresso, a fresh beefsteak tomato slice on a toasted bagel with roasted red-pepper cream cheese for breakfast, then fish a little more. Then at some point thru the day a load of Monomoy steamers and a beer to toast the very best SWFF season so far for me, and I suspect a lot of other folks on this board!
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