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My Harker's escape happened earlier in November...Water temps too warm for things to heat up...After my daytoremember at Montauk, I can't complain! NC Fish were few and far between but when the planets alligned a line would get tight... FlyInMyMouth...Years ago, during the obligatory "hero" picture opportunity, my fly was left to its' own accord and found its' way dangling next to the much for "presentation"...BANG!!!
...after an interesting C&R Chinese fire drill, I managed to get things squared away and the new/fresh Mrs Albie had her way with me...until I had my way with her...
I've seen outfits get towed overboard due to a errant fly and a momentary lapse of attention...So...
I suspect, soonerorlater, I'll find myself in an emergency room getting an oral hookectomy but...I tend to unhook the phish and store the fly by chomping down on the fly body with the pointy end facing outside until I send my catch back to tell her mommy.
SoPharSoGood...So far!
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