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Old 11-27-2003, 12:03 PM
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Bob, do you use a Windcutter floater and spey rod for your dead drifting? It seems that a fair number of guys have been sold Windcutter floaters with their rods and they use them for indie fishing. If so, check out my last post on a reversed Windcutter -- it is the best spey/pocket water combo I have ever tried. D-Loops are positively tiny -- you could cast almost right at the bankside (good news for PM fishers). I was knocking out 80 footers with D-loops that were only about 5' behind me. The turnover is so powerful, it'll turn over pretty well anything you care to put on it.

One nice thing, when the line is doing the casting, there's no need to put your skull or rod tip at risk with chuck 'n' duck cannonballs.
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