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Re: sage xi2-10wt

Originally posted by BlueH20
The rplxi didnt really have a smooth taper transition down the rod for my tastes, it was real stiff through the mid section which made the tip feel spongey to me, it threw nicely but just wasnt quit right for me.
Interesting note on that spongey tip. Alot of the folks who worked on that rod were proud of that tip. They designed it to fold down out of the way when fighting a fish. Have a buddy hold your line and play him like a tarpon with a good side angle on him. Put a good bend into an xi and vary the butt angle as you do it. regardless of rod angle the top third of the rod pretty much maintains a straight line right at the fish , or your buddy:hehe: Very little stress on the tip until you get right to the boat.

They were sweet rods. You are right, they could have been a little faster, but I still hate to see them go...

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