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New member saying hi and introducing myself

Been led to this board recently and liked what I saw. Figured I'd let you know who I am.

I'm 31 and live in Washington state. I'm a die hard salmon/steelhead fisherman. Been fishing since I was 3, started salmon/steelhead fishing when I was 7. I can (and do) fiish in a variety of styles (from baitcasters to speyrods) and all methods/tackle in between. I truly don't view one style "more purist" over another. I ca feel just as in peace or in "sanctuary" throwing a spinner as I'm swinging a fly. I'm not a fly fisherman, a baitfiisherman, or a hardware chucker. Ii'm just a fisherman!!!!

I do build my own gear. Tie my own fliies, my own jigs, build my own rags, and build my own spinners. I build the occasional rod too. I love fishing. I'm not a hobbyist or an enthusiast. I truly love fishing and view it as a way of life.

Ii'm also a cataraft enthusiast. Sparkey will testify to that. To hiis dismay I shouuld add (just kidding Ryan). Actualy Ii've been running cats WELL before the craze hit ussing "'pontoon boats". I bouught my cat well over a decade ago exclusively as a whitewater boat. Converted it a few years back for a multipurpose boat. Brian has seen my machine. Iit can easily fiish 4 from it (only 3 flyfisherman though). Nice thing about it you can float alot of rivers during summer flows that were inaccessiile to driftboats.

Hmmmm, not sure what else to say. Look forward to talking with some of you and possibly doiing a fly trade with soome of you (I'd really love to trade some NW steelhead patterns for some true English Atlantic patterns)

Thanks for such a great site. Tight lines.....
"Good angling ethic is not a monopoly practiced just by fly fisherman" - Bill McMillan
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