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woven flies

Attended the fly tying show this past weekend in Somerset, NJ, and got to meet and watch many great tyers. One guy (forget his name) from Larva Lace was showing me how to weave the body on their trademark pattern, the river witch. Of course, I was immediately addicted to tying in this fashion, and was able to sit down for an hour this evening and tie a pair of nymphs using Larva Lace for the rib (olive and chartruese, not so much an actual pattern as simple practice with some stuff I picked up at the show). The first fly had some "issues", however the second came out quite well. I'll post a pic of it when I get the time to break the camera out.

Any of those on the forum that tie with this technique, please post your tying tips and favorite patterns. I'm very interested to hear about the various materials that have been used in the weaving process. BTW, I've done a search on this subject and came up with less than I thought was likely out there. So if you've posted on this topic before, please re-post for the benefit of those (besides myself) interested.

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