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IMO head size is merely a style thing, John. Small heads have traditionally been something to aspire to in salmon flies, but I donít believe they add to the attractiveness. The only thing is that, if you use a knot like the turle, which goes round the neck of the hook eye, itís important to keep this area clear so the knot beds in and canít slip forward. Itís a bit hard to see, but I suspect this may not be the case with MCorderís flies.

A few people over here have started incorporating eyes into the heads of salmon flies, like you do with your saltwater flies. These generally take the place of jungle cock eye feathers, and obviously mean a bigger head. But regardless of size the head still needs to be kept back from the eye if the turle knot is to work.

Incidentally, itís struck me from a few pictures here and flies received in swaps that US tiers may tend to finish their heads even further back from the eye than ours. Seanís Allyís Shrimp is a recent example. This isnít really meant as a criticism, just an observation. Is this style typical?
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