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The recipe for all the fly’s are basically the same…I’ll give a general and then touch on the differences.

The hooks are Tiemco Salmon/Steelhead (I bought them in Alaska and since lost the bag so I can’t give a number).
The bodies are floss with silver or gold Freedom (French) Tinsel.
The thorax is Black or Peacock dubbing.
All the wings are Bucktail.
The Yellow and Black Fly has a White Rabbit Tail (cut from a strip), Black Saddle Hackle with Yellow Scallpen over.
The other two are just Scalpen.
The design of the fly’s were the result of me just sitting at my vice thinking “Hmmmmmmm, that would look cool”.

I think the head is of personal preference. I know the smaller head looks more delicate and appealing to the eye. Also, when casting great distances anything to reduce weight might be in your best interest. With my creations I don’t think the fish is going to look too close in evaluating weather or not that big swimming bumblebee is proportionally correct.
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