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This is a great board

It does not have to many people but the people here are very active. It's nice to have a more laid back place to post with other steelheaders. What are everyones home rivers?
I grew up on the banks of the Washougal River and fished it regularly from 1980- 1989.
During the early 90's there was a steep downward trend in steelhead there and thinking it was pretty much the same everywhere I pretty much gave up steelheading only doing it 10-15 days a year: a few days on the Washougal, a trip to the Wind every fall and the Deschutes and Klickitat. I spent a lot of my time fishing for smallmouth bass on the backwaters of the columbia in the Gorge. In 1997 I decided I was tired of working in a cabinet shop and sent out resumes all over the west,to fly shops and lodges. That Feb I was offered a job at Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua. I worked there doing maintenence and some small woodworking projects. When not at work I relearned to have faith in northwest steelhead rivers ans what a place to do it. During the 9 months I was there I hooked 34 steelhead 2 of which were winter runs. These fish gave me a window to my momories on the Washougal. The work I was doing there however was not what I had in mind. The next two summers I spent working at the Madison River Fishing Company, while there I traveled all over western Montana and did more great trout fishing than anyone deserves to have. Now back here in Washington I am desperatly scratch a winter steelhead out of the East Lewis river. All the places I have fished, picking one home river out of all of them is difficult at best. Each river touches me in a different way. Best I can do is a list and a reason why. If forced to say one river was my home there is no choice but the Washougal. I fish it only rarely now and haven't caught a fish out of it in 8 years or so now.
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