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Originally posted by flytyer
I have seen fish run in terror from very large flies that simply ignored smaller ones.
That statement says alot, but at the same time says very little, unless it was the same fish that ignored a small on repeatedly and was then "moved" by the big one :hehe: Of course I have never considered having my fly ignored a success.

I fished an entire summer 3 years ago with skunks tied on a size 4 tmc 200R using most of the shank. Caught 'em in June, caught 'em in August, caught 'em in October.

Big flies don't always mean big fish, but I strongly believe in the adage that if you are going change flies, CHANGE FLIES. If I start the day fishing a fly Flytyer would favor, which is normally my prefered size I have to say, and suddenly feel inspired to change flies, you can bet a Prawn/intruder/mega fly is going on.

It's all fun...
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