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RE:Spey Rod Size?

What up guys this sounds like a does size matter topic.

I started the never ending search for the perfect rod with the St Croix 14' for 9/10. Landed my first Thompson fish on this rod. Other than the cheap components I really like this rod. I cast the blank built buy a custom builder and prefer it to the 9140-4 (brown), it feels a lot like Brians AW blank.

Ok, then I went for the 7136 for the Kalama, EFL or the Deschutes on the rare non windy day. The small light nimble feel creates the impression, everything except looong casts are effortless. Next I got the old sage 10150-4 nice traditional rod for the bigger rivers like the Big T and the Skagit. Within a couple of weeks I came across a 10151-4 with a screemin deal attached, loved the feel and bought it. I've broken this rod three times and the only weekness is it breaks, otherwise it's a wonderful casting and fishing tool 9 it just doesn't travel without friends) We'll see the last time Sage fixed it it came back with a different feel (butt has been stiffened).

Next the 8150-4 which quickly began my favorite summer rod for bigger water. This with without question has been my bread and butter stick on the Deschutes and "larger" SW WA rivers.

My go to rods are

Smaller water Burkheimer 13'3"
Larger water Sage 8150
Larger water Sage 10151-4/10150-4
(big fish water)


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