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Dose Size Really Matter (When it comes to Flies)?

I have been chatting with several people over the last couple of weeks about the size of the new winter Steelhead flies.

In these chatting with Atlantic salmon Dresser they reminded me of the Philip’s Dundee Salmon Irons (as well as other hook makers) many of which were up to 7 inches long.

So large flies for Salmon fishing and Steelhead fishing are not new.

Ed Ward’s Intruder was not the birth (IMHO) but a rekindling of a theme from the past.
I must ad well done to Ed for Ingenuity in the intruder I like this fly and the way it is dressed.

I have seen the Syd Glasso’s dressed Flies on 6/0 and 7/0 N-style partridge hooks.

What could these flies represent?

I would say the last thing that the fish fed on before coming into freshwater.
This theme is repented well by the Intruder and Jack Cook’s Steelhead Prawn and many of Paul Miller Creations.

There is one other theme that is represented with large flies and that is of the Nest Robber theory used by the plug pullers. In other words they will remove the offending fly the only way they can.
By using their mouth.

My $.02 worth

What are your view ?????????????????????????????????

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