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A couple of DAM stories

Good morning,
A couple of Dam stories passed in front of the old radar screen recently. The first is the article in Thursdays Mail Tribune from Southern Oregon, written by Mark Freeman.
The Savage Rapids Dam removal has passed muster in the Congress on Tuesday last. While the Money that it is going to take to do this work was not provided, the project can recieve Fed money as early as next year.
Dan Shepard said the Grants Pass Irigation District's plan is now "credibile" with the authorization of the Dept. of Interior to install pumps for Agg. intrests in the area, then removing the Dam.
This was bi-partisian work between Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith, (Thank's guys!).
The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board has $3 Mill. pledged towards the 5 needed to do the Dam removal portion.
The Savage Rapids Dam is 82 years old and spans the Rouge River near the Jackson / Josephine county line.
U.S.F.W. estamates say 22% less Salmon and Steelhead reach the upper parts of the Rouge because of the Dam. That translates to 43+ thousand fewer species per year according to a study done in the mid 90's.
The full story can be found on-line at
Here is the other side of the coin.
An article written by Dom Behm in the Millwaukee Journal/ Sentinel in September of this year shows that the Chair Factory Dam that was removed on the Millwaukee River three years ago boosted fish populations and improved water quality!
In shock tests, more diverse fish populations were found in the same areas that were impacted by the dams placement. This held true for the Wollen Mills dam that was removed in West Bend in 1988 and the North Ave Dam, removed in 97'.
In all cases, it seems barier removal improves fish movement and stream bottom habitat. This full article can be found at
I think it's a Dam good thing to get those Dam Dam's out of as many Dam rivers as they can, Dam it!....or....Un-Dam it
Any one else can make there Dam comments here if they chose to :hehe:
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