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RE:Spey Rod Size?

Couldn't be simpler, Double. I take a long-belly Mastery Salmon Spey floater (77 feet of fat) in the 8/9 I think it is, cut 19 feet off the tip and replace it with the sinktip portion (15 feet) of the old SA steelhead taper type 5 for an 8 weight. This fishes quite deep and is easy to cast on the 7136. I just saved my old single hand type 5's from my guiding days and cut the tips off at the color change. It's my go-to line for confidence. As for hook sets, I'm 27 for 34 (including a 27 pound chromer king on the 7136) on landing since I switched to the crappie hooks (knock on wood) last spring--which is a vast improvement for me compared to all the years I fished Partridges (crap), Alec Jacksons (better), and Tiemcos (better still). When I look at that list, it seems like the prettier the hook, the lower my landing percentage. The crappie hooks outdo them all by so far I can hardly believe it. But then that's a whole other topic that I can go on and on about forever. Anyway, see if you can get your mitts on a new (green) version of the Sage 7136-4 or 9140-4. They're both a bit lighter, livelier and stiffer than they're previous incarnations (brown). Good luck and let me know what you think.
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