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idiosyncracy question

Why go through all the trouble to have everything optimized for maximum efficiency only to have to pick up a tool to tie a simple knot?

The best whip finisher is at the end of your arm. You don't need to pick it up because it's right there (or left there depending on your perrogative). It was free. If you lose it, you have other problems to worry about besides finishing the head of a fly. Accuracy, as it pertains to finishing the head of a fly, is moreso a trait of the user not the tool, in my opinion. The hand whip-finish is vastly more versatile than any tool on the market. As an example I offer the scenario of performing a whip finish at the end of a Carrie Stevens streamer hook, or any long-shank hook for that matter, or over a bullethead with rubber hackle hanging out or, well, you get the point. The hand whip-finish is also faster, hands down, no pun intended.

For me, about the only advantages I see a tool having over my fingers is that it doesn't have callouses or anything else that frays thread. Given a few more years and the potential dwindling nimbleness of the digits, I might have to get a tool to combat arthritis. We'll see. Maybe by then they'll have one with batteries so it'll be faster than my manual thread manipulation.

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