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RE:Spey Rod Size?

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the 8150-4 yet. I also started out with the 9140-4 but was never satisfied with the feel of it. It just always seemed to soft to me and I hate the handle. Possibly the line was part of the problem as I used an 9-10-11 Windcutter on it and in my opinion that is a little much for that rod.

Through some kind fishing partners, I got the opportunity to cast a number of rods and line setups. Last Spring, while floating with Tyler, Bryan, Juro and Bill, I cast Bill's new 8150. I told him then that he had just cost me a lot of money. This Summer I picked one up and cannot say enough good about it. It is light and can cast a mile. It handles a floater effortlessly and will even easily sling a 150 gr. 15' tip. I expected fly size to be a limited but it throws any of my 1/0 creations. I also have picked up a 10150-4 and it is a cannon and will certainly throw a heavy tip but is nowhere near as nice to cast and fish with as the 8 weight. The last month on the Sky I have found myself fishing the 10 less and less and reaching for the 8.
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