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Try this, carry that 10wt around all day and make a couple hundred cast with it. Or better yet stand on a box the size of the front casting deck of a rocking flats boat casting it. Your arm and shoulder will tell you which rod you prefer. Of course you won't make that many casts for tarpon but for permit you hope you will.
And even for the tarpon around Ambergris I would jump 25 a day and fight and land a dozen, so...think about it.

If you use a fast 8 or 9wt, maybe overload it a line size and keep your casts low with tight loops you can punch thru some pretty strong wind.

For tarpon I would opt for an 11wt, you could get away with it for giant tarpon and it's a good size for Keys tarpon. Even some of the guys and most of the women who fish with me at Homosassa each year use that size.

Look, I've been doing this for a long time so if you want more info that won't take up so much thread time, email me.

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