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sage xi2-10wt

I just rec'd from Sage there new xi2 10wt-4pc loaner rod to try for a week. I wont be fishing it, but just casting it in the yard to see if it is the rod for me. I must say that it is. Sage told me it is somewhat of a combination of the rplxi and the xp and a little faster than both of them. The rplxi didnt really have a smooth taper transition down the rod for my tastes, it was real stiff through the mid section which made the tip feel spongey to me, it threw nicely but just wasnt quit right for me. The new xi2 is exactly what they said it would be. Very nice transition of power from the butt section to the tip. The rod is also lighter than the rplxi and it is a real nice deep blue color. After an hour of shooting constantly, my casting arm felt good as new, but my line arm shoulder was getting a little sore from dbl hauling. It takes almost no effort to cast this rod.
I strung it up this afternoon in 8-10 mph gusty winds , and knowing the trouble i would have if I was using my 8wt in the wind I was a little worried to see if I could get a good test out of it, I tied on a #2 salmonfly dry and stepped out into the wind, stripped off 20 full pulls of line, shook it out to 40 ft, picked it up and fired with one back cast and hit the end of the line at the reel, pulled out some more line and hit 80 feet,in the wind. An accomplishment for me. Just really nice. The line I used was a new demo WF Rio line from a local shop,The plastic bag the line came in didnt say what type of WF it was, but it had a somewhat short head, around 40'....It was 36 degrees outside so it probably wasnt a saltwater taper because there was no memory to it, The line shot very well. Anyway just thought I would throw this out there to any one who was thinking of a new saltwater rod. I just have to make up my mind between the 10wt or 11wt
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