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Cerise & Yellow Allys' Shrimp


As I promised on a different thread; here is a picture of the cerise and yellow Ally's Shrimp. since it is unamed at the moment, I thought of calling it MALCOLJM'S ALLY in honor of you. What say the rest of you, is this a valid name? Let me know herein.

Please note, this is a scanned image and the cerise (fl. red) was distorted to be the much lighter hot pink color.

The pattern is thus:

tail: yellow & cerise bucktail with cerise Krystal Flash
body: cerise Krystal Flash
rib: oval gold
veiling: dyed red grey squirrel tail
wing: dyed hot pink G.P. tippet
collar: cerise rooster neck
head: cerise 6/0 thread
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