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A.K.A as personal oddity!
When I started tying many many moons ago, we were of modest means so my Dad (and I learned this form him, among many other things) would be extremely frugal.
I mean close to being cheap, one thing that has stuck with me over the yeras is working real hard at maximizizing every inch or pinch or dubb of material and creating the tools that we could not afford. I still "make" a lot of my tying material(s) no longer to be so frugal but just for the fun of it.
Being an avid hunter as well as FFsher, I have an extensive collection of deer, moose, elk and caribou hair, of various lengths, coarseness, and color! More than I'll ever be able to use in 999 lifetimes, But what the heck, it's an obsession right? Or oddity!
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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