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I have to agree with flytyer here....the Matarelli finisher is far faster than doubling over a piece of 4X.

My idiosyncracies? If I'm not fishing, then I'm tying. And if I'm not tying, then I'm fishing. And if I'm not doing either one, chances are that I'm thinking about them.

I suppose that my one habit for years was that I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of "less is more", especially when it came to thread wraps. For some time my ties were too bulky, but I thought that I'd be compromising durability if I reduced the thread wraps. Then I eventually put some faith in the advice of others, turned a corner, and began to make flies with the right proportions without compromising durablity. Eureka!

My other habits include having a ball game of some sort on the tube (but not to the point of distraction), occasionally having a cold beer (but not to the point of sloppy tying), and putting things back so I can find them later (but not to the point of being immaculate).
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