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Remember, with a shooting head you have to strip it in until it's in the tip - top of the rod.

One of the most difficult things to learn with beginner flats fishermen is reaction time. From the time you spot a fish to fly delivery needs to be less than 5 seconds! If the head is 30' long and you have it out 60'... well, you can see the difficulty in getting the fly back to a moving fish.

If I were going to Belize and I have many times, I would take a 10wt and an 8wt (2 rods each), and I would take 3 bonefish/tarpon floating lines for each. I would cut them both back to 80' to add more backing.

If I were going to Southern Belize for Permit (15 day trip), I would take only fast 9wt rods with 4 each 9wt and 10wt lines... and 3 pairs of booties!

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