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RE:Spey Rod Size?

My odessy with spey rod size goes as follows. I started with the 9140-3 then fell into a deal for an 18' Bruce and Walker (actually 2 of them @ $100 CAN each!). I used the big stick for 3 solid years on the Thompson, Skagit and the Sauk, I loved it I could not only cast a mile I could mend the line while it was out there. At that point I added a Sage 10151 to the arsenal and thought I might as well use the "little" rod a bit and did so (as long as it stayed in the regulation 4 pieces anyway). I love casting the 10151 (it is definitely my favourite rod to cast) but it was too much rod for the Skeena summer fish, so I went with the 7136. I love this little rod too, it was perfect on the Bulkley and I even caught some big Thompson fish on it this year. It is however not enough rod for the 'T" so I went with the 10151 until I broke it the 2nd and 3rd times. As a result I fished a plethora of rods this season thanks to Dana's sweet supply of test rods. Among others I fished Dec Hogan's 13 and 14' models, my 9140-3 as well as my favourite the 14 Loop Yellow. In spite of all these excellent rods I still long for the control and extra distance offered by the 15' rods - especially when wading deep. As for my 18'er I broke one when Juro was up with me in October and I've been a little reluctant to risk breaking the other so its in semi-retirement. Though a busy November day on the 'T" may get me to bust out (bad choice of words) the big stick to fish some "unused" water! I like most of the rods I fished and changing from one favourite to another was usually dictated by the river I was fishing.

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