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I cut slips from the Goose shoulders ,whether marrying them or tying in one solid colour.One thing you did NOT mention is whether you are tying "wall hangers"or fishing flies .In Ron Lucas' article he shows a "head-on shot ,showing different tying methods. The one on the top right hand is the best for fishing flies and the one on thebottom of the sketch is the "correct' method for a display fly. If you ARE tying a fishing fly I might recommend Tightly winding two wraps nearest to the head of the fly and then 2 or 3 LOOSE wraps towards the tail .You'll get nice small heads that will have that boat hull -hugging the body look.Thisworks for both Spey and Dee wings. If you "work "or "hump" a fishing fly it probably won't keep it's shape.Actually not too bad a thing for a full dressed classic but a disaster for a Dee and especially a Spey wing ! Dee wings should curve into each other ,a feature that most folks get wrong. Also any Spey hackle SHOULD be tyed in by the butt first and then round up the body towards the eye.Don't believe me ??!!!
Tye up two flies of the same pattern and one (Tyed up with the tip first)will look saleable- fly- shop-look,and the other (tyed up butt first ) will look "fishy and shrimpy " looking!!
If you want some first hand lessons ,you might want to look up Steve Cobin, probably Wa.'s best tyer if not the West coast's best !
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