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Very nice fly, I like the magenta wing. I assume you did your own dying of the turkey.


The tips provided by Stu, Silverdoc, and Speyflyfisher are excellent and pretty much cover what you need to do to get the wings to sit lower. One other thing you can do is hump the wing after it is tied in and locked down. To do this, hold the wing at its base with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand very tighly, grasp the wing with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand with the thumb and finger of each hand touching each other. then pull up very slightly with your right hand while pulling down with your left hand. This will put a very slight, nearly invisible bend into the wing feathers right nest to the tie in point. And the net result is the wing bends down closer to the body after doing this. Be very careful when humping the wing like this to keep a very firm grasp on the wing with your right hand so the wing does not get distorted.
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